Atlantic Crossing - 1001 types of Wave

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Wed 5 Jan 2011 16:32
05:01.11, 13:50.93N 42:04.68W
Making good progress over last few days - we've managed to do 160 miles per day - this is good as we usually assume average of 120 to 130. 
We have become obsessed by waves, there isn't really anything else to look at.  Before we set off on this part of our journey I think we expected the trade winds to be steady i.e. little variation in strengh hour to hour and same for direction, they are steady in that so far it has always been windy - but vary from 16 to 26 knots within quite short spaces of time (that's without hitting any squalls or anything), the wind does also make lots of small direction changes - I suppose all this affects the Waves. 
One minute you have a steady rolling sea with large widely spaced waves, then for no apparent reason, 10 minutes later - you have white horses all around and waves coming from all directions. . . then you have a flat see with hardly anywaves . . . then big rollers appear . . . it goes on.  We have given up questioning the waves (and they never give a sensible answer anyway) and are concentrating on just riding them.  Since we have no wind vane steering only autopilot we can only tell the boat to steer to a compass heading - the last few days we have been busy on each of our watches adjusting the heading for the changing of wind and wave directions, this keeps us pretty busy but keeps the ride as fast and smooth as possible, even so  - we still have some good bruises. 
More kamikaze flying fish removed from the decks this morning - if you ate fish I am sure they would probably be quite nice on toast, they are about sardine sized.
The sky is much more cloudy now we are approaching mid atlantic and we even got rained on today - haven't been rained on since Madeira while sailing. 
We get to eat tinned peaches and bounty bars today to celebrate 1 week at sea - we know how to live it up.