Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Thu 21 Jun 2012 14:05
We will be moving on from Faial to another island in the next day or so therefore we have left our mark in Horta harbour. . .  no not like Tom cat’s do, although it would be quicker – we have left the traditional painting on the Harbour wall.  All the Harbour walls in Horta are covered with paintings that yacht’s have done, it is apparently bad luck to leave without leaving some grafitti. .  so not wanting to tempt bad luck we went and got some paint.  The paintings vary from Excellent works of art to very poor scrawlings.  I think ours is fair to middling – at least it looked like we made some effort.  Adam and I now feature on various tourists pictures in action doing our painting, the Horta guide books all recommend ‘seeing the yacht crews painting on the walls’ as an attraction.  Good job we did our painting yesterday as today as been back to ‘Azores rain’ – they must have hundreds of words for rain and drizzle in the Azores I would think if Eskimo’s have hundreds of words for snow.
Behind me in the pic below are another group of people doing a painting and trying to persuade the van not to drive over it. .  .
Caught the ferry to Pico island the other day and walked from Madalena which is the port town out to the vinyards then up hill for about 4 miles to see a lava tube which is basically a huge long cave (5km in total) that was created by the lava running down the volcano sides and solidifying on the outside while it was still liquid in the centre . .  so the result is a very long hollow tube.  We liked the lava tunnel as it wasn’t lit, there was no music, no guard rails etc – we got an hours tour with one other couple where we were issued helmets and torches.  No mud or scrambling on hands and knees was involved since the lava had been very considerate in leaving a tunnel between 4 and 40 feet in height.
Vinyards below – all the vines hiding in little sections between dry stone walls – that must have taken some building but I guess it lasts.  We would have liked to have done the wine tasting at the wine co-operative but had no energy after our walk.  Never mind – we have plenty of Pico wine from the Horta supermarket!
Below is a pic of the lava tube
Us escaping from the Lava tube up through where the ceiling collapsed a long time ago. . . quite a long time judging by the trees.