Back on the Boat!

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Thu 18 Nov 2010 18:16
Last week we went back to the UK for a bit of a flying visit - 3 months to sail (ok at quite a leisurely pace) down to the Canary Islands and 4 and half hours in the plane back!  We had a bit of a last minute panic in Fuertaventura when we read in two separate books that we were supposed to ensure we had our passports stamped in if we were arriving by sea and leaving by air, otherwise we may not be allowed to fly. .. so last Saturday on a roasting day we traipsed around the commercial port, the local police and the excitingly named 'international police' trying to explain that we thought we needed our passports stamping - turns out we didn't, they were only just glanced at at the airport. 
We were warned that it was cold back in the UK - we had forgotten quite how cold this time of year.  Thanks to our famillies who put us up and fed us brilliantly during our stay, sorry to everyone who we just didn't have time to see but the week just vanished as we had various things to get in the UK that we just couldn't find out here, plus trips to the doctors for jabs and the dentist for checkups.  The week disappeared quickly and suddenly we were back to Monday and getting up at 3 in the morning to catch the flight back out again.  By 2 in the afternoon we were dragging our bags (filled with solar panels, 500 tea bags, various books and other things) through Gran Tarajal to the boat . . .   the last few hundred yards was a bit scary .... wondering if the boat would still be there . . and still be afloat.  But, all was fine and the pretty empty pontoons that we left a week before were full of a whole new bunch of cruising boats. 
It was nice to be back in shorts and t-shirt again and back on the boat, but we were sorry to say goodbye to our families again - thanks to skype we should at least be able to talk by video conference when we have a good enough internet connection.