Dominica to Antigua

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Sat 25 Feb 2012 23:42
24:02.12, 16:18.39N 61:47.90W
Up early-ish Friday morning morning, well - the alarm went off at six but then we fell asleep til half past after a peaceful night anchored in Dominica.  Got up to a very wet and grey morning with the clouds rolling over the hills and rain - got a good soaking in the first hour as a squall went over then the sun came out like usual.  We've been heading up quickly to Antigua because there is some strong wind forecast that is coming up from the south so we're trying to stay ahead of it.
We had a full day's sail to Deisheis in Guadeloupe yesterday and another one today up to Antigua, the winds have been fairly strong but not as bad we thought they might be, although the swell has been pretty big - up to about 3 metres which looks big compared to the boat. Both Adam and I got our respective soakings when we mis-timed a wave and got a load of water dumped over the cockpit.  But all in all we have had a pretty good and fast 4 days sail up here and always found a good spot to anchor every night before sunset.
Hoping to go back down to Dominica with our new crew member (my mum) who is coming out on Wednesday so we hope the wind and the waves will have calmed a little by then as I really don't want to miss the island this year,  southbound is always easier than north out here though.  See what happens.  But for now it's a few days relax and restock in Falmouth Harbour......  and maybe even a bit of a lie in tomorrow