Update - Lots of Wind

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Wed 30 May 2012 11:09
30.05:12, 33:11.18N 45:58.98W
Busy 24 hours.  We worked out we weren’t going to avoid the strong winds completely, therefore opted for trying to stay in them for the least amount of time!  We managed to go up behind the weather front – that was tiring, the wind increased from 24 knots which is fine, to 28, 28, and by midnight last night was gusting to 34.  We had seen this on the raw computer forecasts we get – but stokey hadn’t thought we would get any significant wind.
Adam had planned a route for us using the weather charts we had and we hoped that by 2am if we followed our course  we would be in a gentler wind from a different direction.  Well, the wind increased to 34 and we were wondering if it was ever going to stop. . .  then bang on time the biggest rainstorm I have ever been in hit, visitbility reduced to 20 metres and a constant stream of water was pouring out of the end of the boom.  at least the rain flattened the seas ,  It was like a solid wall on radar.  Like magic once we got through the rain belt the wind dropped by 20 knots and turned 90 degrees!  We had both been up all night  Adam went to bed for a few hours and with sails still the size of tea-towels we trundled off into a clear night sky.    This morning the wind has stayed low so I think we will both use the day to catch up on sleep! 
Luckily – in preparation for the winds Adam had made us a giant size chili which has done 2 meals and will still do 2 more.