Passage to Madeira - Day1

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Tue 28 Sep 2010 09:57
28:09.10,  36:58.86N 11:24.27W
We had a couple of false starts trying to leave the portuguese mainland - on Saturday we planned to start our trip to Madeira, we left the anchorage on a hot sunny day with light winds - only took us about 5 miles to hit 30knot winds and 3.5 metre waves despite the forecast for half that . . . . so we went back to Cascais, an hour later we were sat back in the anchorage - at least it isn't a bad place to be!
Next day we tried again - but had a bailout plan of going to Sesimbra  - the forecast was still for force 5 winds but we had constant 6's and the direction would have meant a soggy and tiring ride so off south about 20 miles to Sesimbra we went.  We had a night anchored in the bay there (the only boat)  listening to the wind howling down the mountainside, but by morning it was calm and time for attempt number 3.. . .  . .
Set off at 10 o'clock yesterday morning with the wind as predicted - force 5 all day and a nice 4/5 overnight we were shooting along but much more comfortably as the waves had dropped to a couple of metres.  Last night we had about a 3/4 moon and it never really got dark which was good - the moon so bright that it was casting shadows,  this morning the wind has dropped off and it is a hot sunny day - unfortunately we have just had to put the engine on for a bit as the wind is too light to sail but it should pick up later.   We have been trying to get far enough west to miss a sea-mount that is marked on the chart - it is 20 metres deep so no danger of us hitting it - but it must be better to avoid it as the sea at this point goes from 4000 metres to 20 metres in the space of a few miles - it must be some mountain! 
We haven't done bad on covering ground - 140 miles in last 24 hours.  Just had fried egg and veggie sausage sarnies for breakfast, and susie is about to go to bed for a few hours.  Lets hope the nice weather stays with us!