Day Two - to Alderney

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Mon 26 Jul 2010 19:44
26:07.10,  49:43.56N 2:11.62W
yep in at the deep end, skip day one - only a gentle sail to yarmouth, but would like to say thanks for the Premier send off¬ Straight to day two, 'The channel crossing', a 4 o'clock start on a Monday (this is worse than work - I thought I was on holiday) followed by 12hrs of sailing, suntan cream at the ready but Susie's nose is still most shiny and bright.  She is paranoid that if this is one day - then sailing for one month will result in that traditional weather-beaten yachtie look.
We had company on the way out of Yarmouth even at 4am with a few yachts leaving at the same time, we were only tempted to 'follow them as they look like they know where they are going' for a minute or so.  Had fun avoiding ships in the shipping lanes for a couple of hours - none of them managed to catch us.      We're anchored in Bray Harbour tonight and hoping that the wind dies down as it's a little bit cramped - but the sun is still shining and I have excelled myself in the kitchen and cooked a banana cake for Susie  - sure it will all vanish tomorrow.