Azores to UK - update

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Tue 10 Jul 2012 16:12
10.07:12, 44:25.01N 16:56.51W

Still pretty slow progress in light winds that are mostly from the NE although we have had some North but have had to motor sail a lot.  think we saw a Basking shark yesterday – all we can think that it could be – just saw the fin go past the boat a few metres away.  Weather is very changeable with warm sunshine yesterday afternoon and today but some grim squalls in the night.

Adam has made chocolate brownies this afternoon which smell v nice and look v gooey – 2 bars of chocolate went into them so they should be good we hope!

Expecting some strong winds in the next couple of days which should speed up progress – hope they are not too strong though.  Considering whether we pull into Camaret near Brest in France or just head staight to UK – think it will depend on how we find the winds.  So currently we are aiming toward Camaret so we can decide when we get a bit closer as to whether we carry straight on across the channel or have a night in France.