Arrival in Falmouth

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Sun 15 Jul 2012 22:25
15.07:12, 50:09.43N 5:03.82W

Arrived at Falmouth at about 7am this morning.  Had a lovely sail the last day with nice F5 winds on the beam so we go rid of the final few miles really quickly even though we had reefed in quite a lot since one rigging strand decided to break 24 hour out.   We came in just south of the Scilly isles so at least we didn’t have to cross the full channel, although getting from 15 miles south of the Lizard to just north of it was good fun – like crossing a busy road with ships going back and forth – we had to pick our moment then dash across, I had done most of it on my shift but decided to get Adam out of bed for the final dash across the traffic as that really needed two pairs of eyes and two brains (especially at 3am), once clear of the final tanker I went off to bed at about 4:30

I awoke hearing Adam’s voice talking quietly in the background. .  . assumed he was doing a video diary that we have been keeping or maybe that he had the radio on, so I went back to sleep again.  Awoke about 10 minutes later to the sound of a boat engine nearby. .  I wondered if Adam had heard it/seen it so got up and opened the cabin door into the main saloon – I was greeted by Adam plus 3 customs officials who had boarded the boat from their Rib (while we were sailing along at 6 knots).  They were very nice and chatty – but we had them on the boat for about an hour while our passports were taken off to their big boat and checked, swabs taken from the work surfaces and tables and checked for drugs while we waited.   Funniest thing was that after they left (and we had to motor back 3 miles to Falmouth as we had sailed past it) they came back within 5 minutes to ask if they had left one of their life jackets onboard – quick search revealed no jacket so they disappeared off again with us telling them that if we found it we would sell it on ebay.  With the olympics everything is on heightened security – although I just think that seeing a yacht coming in during the early hours was probably a way to kill time for them and fulfil the ‘drugs check’ quota.  I think they were slightly impressed with my ability to sleep through 3 men in big boots boarding our boat from a rib with a very loud diesel engine -  I am just glad that for the first time in the trip I went to bed with tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt on as I was cold . .  otherwise it could have been very embarrasing if I emerged to a boat full of people, bleary eyed with nothing on.

We’re now tied up on a mooring just off the waterfront in Falmouth and we have treated ourselves to Cornish ice cream, chips, Real Ale for Adam and Cider for me! We will sleep well tonight.