Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Sun 15 Aug 2010 17:04

We had to leave our Anchorage at Muros yesterday as the wind was increasing
and even though we were protected by land - we weren't that protected -
every so often the boat would swing around in a gust and from inside
you would see the scenery outside all wizz past.  Apart from that - the
dinghy trips 1/4 mile across the bay to Muros town were getting increasingly
soggy and bouncy - Adam I think was trying to see if the dinghy would
actually jump clear of the water and the waves if he went fast enough -
resulted in me getting soaked and some damp shopping.  Still it was nice
there for a couple of days.

We have done a vast journey of 5 miles across the ria to a Marina in a place
called Portosin - it was a good plan since it was really windy last night -
we'll wait til it dies a bit before heading out and further south.

Much excitement and spectating though took place yesterday afternoon as
there were a couple of forest fires on the surrounding hills - one right
behind the town of Portosin.  I think this is probably a frequent occurrence
around here though as they are pretty quick to put them out - they had 3
planes and a helicopter that came down just outside the marina and scooped up
water to drop onto the fire.  I am sure the fire was only small but the
amount of smoke was impressive - as were the pilots of the planes - it must
be pretty skilful almost landing on the sea (but not quite). We managed to
lose a day yesterday - no idea how - but after only 3 weeks away and I have
lost track of time!