It's Official - Adam is Fishfood!

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Tue 5 Oct 2010 23:02
We decided to go for a dive around the little island at the eastern end of Porto Santo - our first dive of the trip from our new tender!  I went in first and on returning reported to Adam that I had been menaced by a triggerfish, it appeared from behind a rock within 5 minutes of me being in the water and was looking mean.  Adam laughed at this - in years of diving we have never been scared of a foot long fish before.  However - Adam now has the injury to prove that triggerfish should be classed as man-eaters.  Swimming around he noticed said fish stalking him, when he wasn't looking - quick as you like - in bobbed the fish and took a nice bite out of his finger, blood and everything.  It may not look like it has any teeth but it has some beak!  He didn't need stitches but you don't expect to be on the menu for fish.
We decided to do a second dive this afternoon, we were both a bit scared of said fish so thought we'd go in a bit further round the island so hopefully avoid it.  I went in first again with my camera for it's first use! - I descended and was overjoyed to see a troop of 4 triggerfish approaching at a rapid pace, I decided that I was going straight up if they decided to attack. They didn't attack though, obviously the other one was a rogue - but diving here is very strange - both of us on our second dive ended up with an entourage of fish around us following us about, inches from us and attacking small fish in amongst the rocks that I was trying to photograph.  We can only think they don't see many divers but they had no fear at all.  We both kept wary eyes out for the triggerfish though - one of them got too interested in the strap on my wrist computer so I had to bat it away before it decided to see if my computer was edible.  All in all a good day though - the water was nice and warm and very clear, the fish were just a little spooky.
Yesterday we went on an impromptu hike with Jim, Jad and some other marina folk.  We were lead by a German  who marched up the hill at a quick pace as you would imagine.  They had all decided to walk to the top of the hills at the back of the marina - we were on our way to the beach for a wander - but decided to go along although ill prepared for this trip as it turned out to be a scramble up 'tracks' that weren't really there and resulted in some grazed hands and knees.  But it was a good way to spend a few hours.  Photo's to follow once I manage to get them off Jim!