Journey to Camaret-Sur-Mer

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Fri 30 Jul 2010 11:01
28:07.10,  48:41.17N 4:39.63W
We took a day off on Tuesday in Alderney - after getting up at 4 in the morning (again), we got up, made tea etc. . . before looking out and realising we couldn't actually even see the shore which was only about 200 yards away - pea soup - so it was back to bed!  Had a nice day in Alderney though - walked around the island (which only takes a day but is very pretty) and explored the old German forts and underground bunkers - which are quite spooky as there are lots of rooms and tunnels (if we were still 10 years old - it would have been the ideal place to play 'war').  Tested out our 'new' outboard for the dingy - Adam got told off by the Harbourmaster for trying to race the Alderney supply ship with his dingy.
Wednesday morning - another 4 o'clock start was needed in order to get us to the NW of France in time to catch the tide through the Chanel-du-four which takes you inside of the Isle de Ouessant - if you miss it then it's a 6 hour wait for the next tide (why is it always 4 o'clockl?!).
Much better day on Wednesday with no fog at all.  Within a few hours we were sailing past Guernsey and spotted a Pilot Whale just 2 metres from the boat - they are like a really big Dolpin, it dived into the clear water next to the boat.  We had a fairly fast sail for most of the day and got to finally test one of our new purchases which is a device to generate power by lowering a little propeller into the water behind the boat - it was brilliant - loads of Power! However - the joy only lasted about 2 hours before we realised that a pin had sheared off and the power stopped - we blame the fact that we were just going too fast! - so that is a job for Adam to fix......... .
Going into the night the wind died so unfortunately it was time for the engine.  The night was quite foggy but luckily there wasn't much shipping around that area - only one ship we had to avoid.  I had gone to sleep and had to be ordered to go and check the Radar by Adam.  half way through the night the moon came out and we got some quick sailing in although it was back to motoring again by Dawn as we approached the NW tip of France. . . . . . .
There isn't much to take pictures of in the middle of the Channel - but the sun at Dawn through the clouds was quite pretty so here's a photo.