Monster Sting Ray

We have done some excellent diving in the past few days and have spent the nights anchored on Norman Island and Salt Island.  

From Norman Island we dived a site called Angel Fish Reef which sounded OK in the book but we weren't expecting much, however, we had a fantastic dive - just one other yacht over at the site and we didn't actually see them diving. The site is by some rocks on a headland, we saw a fleeting glimpse of a blacktip shark, unfortunately it saw us and disappeared, also saw large Barracuda and a 3ft Tarpon.  Turtles here don't seem to notice divers and I swam over one about 2 feet away without noticing it until Adam pointed it out. However, the best find was the Monster Stingray that we found on the sand - about 7ft long and probably weighing more than I do.  

I asked Adam to pose, nose to nose with the Ray - he refused to go closer than about 5 feet away. . .  I am not sure who looks the most menacing . . .