xmas at Bequia

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Mon 26 Dec 2011 22:16

The wind has died down for now in Bequia and is back to normal which is nice since we had one boat crash into us and another boat very nearly crash into us . . . and the people were on board the second boat!


The other day we bumped into and went out for some drinks with Tom and Angie who are now pretty much living in Bequia on their respective boats – we met them both just over a year ago in Gran Canaria where they were crewing for another boat across the atlantic, they happened to be parked next to us in Gran Canaria.  We hadn’t seen either of them for a year so had a bit of a catch up.


Christmas Eve we went out with a bunch of folks that Terry from Libertine rounded up – about 10 in all.  In Port Elizabeth they have put a stage up and some xmas lights and they have been having live music every evening from about 10pm through to about 4 in the morning.  We went in a little Rum shop and were entertained by one of the acts (we think he was actually just using us as a warm up!).    They had really made an effort with their stage and lights which was set up under the old Almond tree  so we had

a good evening.


Impromptu bar performance


Lights on the Almond Tree




Xmas day the anchorage was still full of boats but the most silent we have ever seen it – no ferries buzzing in and out to St Vincent, no-one selling lobster or bread,  we did have the singing in the church wake us up at 4am though.   A lot of the people we met here were going to the nice old hotel called the Frangipani for dinner but there was nothing for us to eat as expected so I cooked – hot Avocado and Dijon tarts, pumpkin salad with balsamic and chilli dressing, sauté potatoes, Green salad.    Mango crumble for pudding which we completely failed to eat!


We wanted to go diving on Christmas day (just for a change. . . ) so did a dive on the reef around the corner (Devil’s table) during the day, then a night dive at about 1830 just after dark.  The reason for the night dive was that we got each other new dive torches for xmas (well – we got them about 3 months ago – but they were for xmas really!) and we haven’t used them yet. 


The reef around the corner is beautiful – full of fish and colour.  The night dive was great – Adam took his video camera so we’ll try and put some of that up, but we saw quite a few squid which I love as they look so Alien hanging in the water.  An enormous green Moray eel, and some slipper lobsters which are really strange looking and we have never seen before.   Today (boxing day) we’ve been diving in a bay called moonhole about a mile and a half down the coast where there is a reef and a wreck.  Overall the diving here is good so it has been good to get back into the water.


View across Bequia