About in Falmouth Harbour & Nelsons Dockyard

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Mon 14 Mar 2011 21:53
Not sure what we have managed to do with a week, well I am really. . .
We've done a couple of dives but have to watch the wind as it does get quite bumpy outside of Falmouth Harbour, the dives are quite pretty, not spectacular coral but lots of huge rocks and plenty of fish.  Dived yesterday in the entrance to English Harbour on a hunt for stingrays which are alleged to live there - only took us about 10 minutes to find them on the sand by the rocks - found 5 dustbin lid sized sting rays hiding in the sand, took us a few minutes to spot them then we kept seeing more and more - unfortunately on the previous dive I had a problem with my camera so no pictures - typical!  
We would love to go back and dive where the 'camera incident' (camera started to flood but luckily I got up and got it out with no damage) took place -  but it has been a bit too rough to dive there off the tender - it was right by a sheer cliff that went down into the water - we had seen barracuda within 5 minutes of the dive but then I had to go back up to the dingy.
We have had time to wander about in Nelsons dockyard and have walked all over the headland between English and Falmouth Harbour - which is quite a nice walk but you have to stay on the path so that you don't get cactus thorns in flipflops which is not good.  Lots of goats and lizards
Lots of people appearing here who we have seen on other islands which is nice
A few pics of Nelsons Dockyard. . . which is indeed very pretty
Old Copper and Lumber store below (which is now a restaurant)
Dock by the old sail loft - only the pillars remain
Adam wants the figurehead on the right for our boat. . .