Rugby watching. ..

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Sat 19 Mar 2011 15:33
We've had a good time in Falmouth Harbour but so long as the weather is good we'll be leaving hopefully tomorrow to the north coast of Antigua . . then on to St Barts before heading to St Martin where we're told that we can get cheap boat stuff (I don't believe it - boat stuff is never cheap). 
Where we've been anchored we have seen mega-turtle, midi turtle and micro-turtle every day - 3 Hawksbills turtles, one a huge 3ft long, the others 2ft and 1ft, the come up to breathe right next to the boat when they're paddling about looking for turtle grass - they must think that we're now a permanent fixture so they get really close - of course you never know when exactly they will appear so I have so far failed to get a picture. 
Adam's been happy as he's been able to watch some of the rugby for the 6 nations while we've been here - this is the only TV we watched from home since we set off last July, it's strange watching it.
Falmouth harbour's been a pretty sociable place - too sociable at times - but we've got to know some great people here as well as the inevitable running into faces from months ago.  We've spent a couple of evenings with Greg and Kath from Australia who we met briefly in the Saintes and who we've had some great laughs with (even though there have been headaches the next day), also John and Laura from the Saintes who are about our age and came over here on the Arc.  We're run into a French family we keep on seeing every so often and also two ex-Azorean maritime police who've crossed the atlantic and are awaiting the wives visiting them soon. 
A guy called Ian is here who we met in Fuertaventura - his Atlantic crossing seemed like a bit of a nightmare compared to ours - he seemed to have everything go wrong - including a sail that came off and went under the boat and a fire on board, feel rather sorry for him as he arrived here from the atlantic and has been here for the past 2 months trying to get things fixed - puts our slightly leaky engine into context really - at least it hasn't stopped us going where we want.
We took the bus up to St Johns the other day which is the Capital - I like going on buses as you get to sit and look out of the window at the countryside etc - St John's wasn't too much to write home about, some nice buildings down by the port but since there were 3 cruise ships docked there there were also lots and lots of tourists and lots of touts.  There's a lot of Antigua we haven't done but we may well come back for race week or classics week since that is supposed to be an event to see.