Petit Piton

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Wed 26 Jan 2011 00:35
25:01.11, 13:50.61N 61:03.79W
Left Rodney Bay today for an excursion down the island, we have - we felt completely at home today with the weather, like summer in the UK - woke up to strong winds and a day of constant drizzle! - even the St Lucians say the weather is not normal just now - it is allegedly the dry season which was supposed to start in November but apparently still hasn't started - but at least it is still warm. 
Had a nice sail down the west coast of the island which gets more and more rugged as you go south - the west coast is lots of cliffs and very steep, forested hillsides and the houses thin out as you get away from Rodney Bay.  We are now in Soufriere Bay moored just under 'Petit Piton' which is one of the very steep hills that is the land mark of St Lucia.  We're in a marine park so tied up to a Buoy about 50 metres from a beach that is deserted apart from a couple of guest houses, there are a couple of other boats here but that is it.   
There isn't a lot of room between mooring buoys so we decided to stop ourselves swinging around we would tie a line to a tree on the shore - it gave me the chance to jump in, line between teeth, and swim to the shore to tie up (not really necessary but it keeps us entertained)
As darkness has fallen tonight the racket from the forest/jungle onshore has increased - it is pretty noisy outside with birds and crickets and other unidentified creatures.  We're now cooking dinner to the sounds of the jungle outside.  Tomorrow we're going to have a wander about ashore and hopefully take some pictures showing blue skies which we'll upload - can't be uploading pictures of rain!! 
Petit Piton is fairly impressive though - it is almost sheer and towering 750 metres above us.