Atlantic Crossing - Fishing Boat? - this far out. . .

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Mon 3 Jan 2011 12:55
03:01.11, 13:26.442N 36:23.830W
We're now making some good west progress, have had winds of 17 - 20 knots last two days which has been good for speed, although the sea does build up a little here, it is comfortable enough so long as you are running with the direction of the waves - but surprises us that the waves are often bigger than would be expected for the amount of wind that we have. 
Actually saw a fishing boat, not a small one - a huge factory type vessel on Sunday night - it was all lit up extremely bright with deck lights and working lights - meant we could see it but no clues as to which way it was going or anything, even out here in the middle of nowhere we had to gybe around to take avoiding action.  Other than that we have heard a couple of ships talking but not seen them and have been talking to another yacht today which is about 20 miles or so from us.
Last night was the blackest night we have ever seen, completely overcast with no moon - the moon is only a thin sliver and doesn't rise anyway til about 5 in the morning so not much use, all you could see where the tops of the waves where they break, the phosphorescence makes them glow bright, look too long though and you start to see shapes and all sorts in the glow!  Still it was a nice sail last night with the sea calming down, we both quite look forward to the nights as we get to sleep and also it is very hot in the day, the nights are warm enough to sit outside in shorts quite comfortably.