Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Fri 13 Aug 2010 15:29


We have had to take further measures against the menace of the mossies and have had to get out the mosquito net that we bought but never thought we would use - the forepeak where we sleep has now been converted to a mosquito free zone with the net strung up over the bed - lets hope we don't forget this when getting up in the middle of the night .


Been for a wander around the town this morning, it is quite a pretty place with lots of cafe's, the afternoons here though are so hot that if we're not sailing then we are starting to end up inside to stay out of the sun. 


I think we'll stay around here for another few days since it is very windy out to sea and  there are a few towns to visit in this Ria.  Adam is attempting Spanish Pizza dough mix mark 2 tonight - I am staying well out of the way in the hope that this attempt will be more successful, otherwise - it's a trip into town to the pizza place we spotted on our morning wanderings.


Here are a couple of pictures - this one is a view from where we are anchored - shows the amazingly low clouds that we saw yesterday  rolling over the hills


Another one is across the Ria - it is a couple of miles away so not great - however, the wind turbines are MASSIVE  - compare them to the size of the houses in the towns below, I liked how they were sticking out of the tops of the clouds.  It is quite windy here.


JPEG image

JPEG image