Atlantic Crossing - We found the Trade winds

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Sat 1 Jan 2011 18:12
01:01.11, 13:54.030N 31:46.960W
Happy New Year!
We have spent the past couple of days running south to pick up some steady trade winds and think we have found them! We gybed around today and (touchwood) hopefully will be able to keep the sails set as they are now for a good time to come.  It's strange - when we used to sail around the solent we would discuss whether we tack now or in 10 minutes time, now we talk about whether we tack today or tomorrow, or maybe the day after.  We're finally getting some down wind sailing - it was allegedly supposed to be down wind all the way down portugal to madeira and the canaries - but that didn't happen, however - right now we have warm winds pushing us along to the west (of course - that could all change!). 
Before we set off people told us about the 'Death roll' - which is basically the endless rolling you get on the boat as you go downwind and are pushed around by the swell and waves so the boat starts penduluming back and forth, it hasn't been bad, we're managing to keep the waves behind us, the swell is from a different direction but comes across as big wide hills of water that you don't really notice other than being able to see a very long way when you are on top of one.  We've had a few cups of tea and things go flying around and we've had to hunt for all things in lockers and cupboards that are able to slide about and pad them out - other than that its all fine. . . ..  but I may think different in 2 weeks!  We have also both learnt to sleep in this - easiest when it is rolly seems to be spreadeagle on back or front  to provide as much roll resistance as possible.
As it is new years day we are having lasagne, peas and roast potatoes for our dinner - haven't had roast potatoes in 6 months. 
No more shark attacks since the other day.  flying fish are everywhere - we're not at the stage of scooping them off the deck yet but every day you see loads of them, they fly a very long way.    .  Also seen lots of little black sea birds today - not sure what they are doing 500 miles from any land