Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Mon 4 Jun 2012 13:09
04.06:12, 37:19.47N 34:24.76W
Going well – we have the foresail poled out and we’re running in front of the wind, conditions very nice but cold for us!! – I now cannot imagine being in 30 odd degrees heat!  We are glad of boat heating – I made veggie equivalent of meatballs in spicy tomato sauce with pasta last night as it’s nice and smooth here now  (ikea dish according to Adam) – we put the heating on and ate at the table inside the boat as it would have gone cold in seconds in the breeze outside.  Duvet is now in use again.  It is actually still over 20 degrees in the day so it isn’t THAT cold but you do get wind chill out here. 
Seeing lots of ships now so we must be in a shipping route, well, we have only actually seen one or two in real life but on the radar and AIS we have seen them when they are 10 – 15 miles away.
I had to go up the mast today to repair something, didn’t like that one bit – at least now going up the mast in a marina seems easy, my legs were jelly by the time I got back down again