Monserrat Photographs

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Wed 28 Mar 2012 13:44

Some pictures of our visit to Monserrat....... 

Little Bay where we anchored in the North of the Island, just up the road they are building the new centre.  The red Barge is loading up ash to sell to other islands.  The cliffs on the left have a cave where hundreds of Fruit Bats roost and also are home to Booby Birds 


Adam Observing from the Monserrat Volcano Observatory Building which is a nice safe distance from the Volcano 


The view from the Volcano Observatory helipad over to the Volcano (Galway's Soufriere) - the countryside is beautiful where it is untouched.  The north face of the volcano still is green but the other sides are grey with ash and probably not as steep as they used to be.


Nice Policeman at the daytime entry zone checkpoint


The swimming pool of the former 'Monserrat Springs' Hotel - now in the restricted area, full of ash and now growing plants.  


The volcano from the south west in the daytime entry zone - still smoke and dust coming down the hill, most of Plymouth buried under Ash and Larhar (it is a real word meaning volcanic debris - well, that's what the leaflet said anyway). 

The buildings in the foreground look Ok but they are all in the danger zone and are abandoned and full of ash.  The heat also cracked the walls of many buildings (although it appears that the main structures of all the old sugar mills survived - albeit buried)


Canyons created by rainwater in the deep ash across Plymouth - this one is about 3 stories deep (you can just see it on the right in the pic above too)


Booby on the cliffs at Little Bay - strange birds that quack