Azores to UK - update

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Wed 11 Jul 2012 15:19
11.07:12, 45:23.49N 14:23.10W

Excitement yesterday late afternoon as we were sat outside having a cup of tea – big whale went past the boat going the other way.  We have consulted the book and think . . . it is perhaps a Sei Whale from the dorsal fin, back and ‘blow’ shape – they are quite big balleen Whales -  Whales are hard to identify though so we are satisfied it could be a Sei Whale, but it was definitely a Whale!

We’re expecting some strong winds in the next couple of days – Friday is supposed to be big wind day, been busy stashing stuff away and securing everything.  At least once it has gone through we should only be half a day or so from Brest or a day from Falmouth .  Not really looking forward to it but at least we have been pretty lucky with wind to date (apart from lack of it for the past week!)

Adam’s chocolate brownies are top quality – they are like a cross between cake and sticky toffee (chocolate) pudding.  Chilli made for the next few days!

We’ve been into the depths of the back locker today to investigate the autopilot – it’s all working fine but when you’re in bed it sounds like there are animal scrabbling in the locker. . . .  there aren’t any animals and it must have just been autopilot moving slightly so Ad has tightened the bolts and regreased the steering – so hopefully we won’t hear any more chickens in the locker.  With all the stuff in the back locker it is a major mission to mine down into it.