Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Thu 8 Mar 2012 00:12

06:03:12, 15:34.80N 61:27.79W


We ended up trapped in Guadeloupe for another day after the visit to Deisheis due to the strong wind and rough seas. 

Overnight in Deisheis after the Botanical Garden visit the wind howled through the anchorage up to about 40 knots which is the equivalent of a gale. The anchor held, but the boat slewed around and snatched at the chain keeping Susie and Mum awake, Adam slept like normal.


We were desperate to leave in the morning after only a couple of hours sleep so left early with the intention of sailing down to Dominica, we got to the south end of Guadeloupe and edged beyond into the channel - the skies ahead were cloudy and visibility very bad, plus the waves were big and wind blowing very hard.  We decided to head back and anchor in Guadeloupe for the rest of the day so it was 10 miles back to Pigeon Island where, after rescuing a French boat with a broken engine and dragging it around trying to find someone to tow it into town. . .  we finally tied up to a buoy behind the island where things were relatively calm (even the anchorage by the beach was blowing a gale).  So we had a good nights sleep by pigeon island.


Next day we set off again for Dominica - the wind wasn't quite as bad but it was still fairly rough (3.5 metre waves)  and windy so we were determined to make the journey.  We had to sail with the wind on the beam as the waves were too big to comfortably head upwind, so we ended up 10 miles west of Dominica, but it was much simpler to sail up to the island in its Lee where the waves weren't the same size.   It was quite a long day due to the conditions, but we arrived in Prince Rupert Bay at around 5pm and were happy to anchor in flat, calm water.


Yesterday we checked in at Customs in Dominica, had a wander around Portsmouth, then spent the afternoon on the beach swimming in the sea - it was Mum's first time swimming in the sea for many years and the bay here is beautiful, flat calm water as clear as a swimming pool and fine sand on the floor.  Only a handful of local people on the beach and a guy swinging from the palm trees via a home made rope swing into the water.


Today we were out at 7AM for a rowing boat trip up Indian River which is a beautiful tropical river just outside portsmouth.  It is lined with Bloodwood trees which have incredible buttress roots  and is incredibly green (and very wet this morning as the heavens opened).  After that we hiked with our guide back down from the river into town through agricultural land, he pointed out Banana, Passion fruit, lime, orange, grapefruit, mango, guava, cherry, breadfruit and cocoa trees and veggies such as dasheen, pumpkin, beans and things.  Mum found plenty of questions to keep him busy.


Shade under the trees on Indian River


Our rowing boat on the dock at head of Indian River trip - Big Bloodwood trees in the background


Impressive Palm Trees on the farm Land, banana plants below


Mum Quizzing Devon our guide about Passion Fruit




Portsmouth Main Street