Isles of CIES

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Mon 30 Aug 2010 15:20
28:08.10   42:13.33N 08:53.97W
Quick trip down to the Isles of Cies just  off the coast near Baiona - Thursday had been a very windy day - Friday when we sailed was much calmer with very little wind but the swell from the atlantic was still pretty big, you sail up the swell, then down the swell.
Cies is very picturesque - steep islands with white sand beaches and very clear seas and pine woodlands, but LOTS of boats anchored and boats we had to politely shout at to telll them not to anchor over our line .  It has been really nice and hot today, Adam has decided that Adidas running shorts and sunshine do not mix though, he put them on as they look like swimming shorts however . . . . . . a couple of hours sitting in the sun on the boat resulted in the elastic in the shorts 'sprout bag' adhering to his skin which resulted in hair loss as they had to be swiftly removed and the affected area scrubbed free of glue in the shower.  They have now been banned.
We had a good walk around the island and, seeing some nice coves - decided to get in the dinghy and go snorkelling.  We arrived wet-suited up at the beach and ran into the clear water  - to realise once it was at waist level that it really was pretty cold (16 degrees - still less than in the solent).  However - there were too many spectators on the beach to pull out so we had to continue - once you had been in 10 mins you got used to it but it isn't really warm in the water no matter how nice it looks or how many spaniards are swimming.  Lots of fish though.
Our new radio has now been fitted so we get to listen to lots of fishermen shouting at each other - we had missed that before.  Lemon drizzle cake has also been made today as a post snorkel treat - very nice.
We made an effort whilst in Sanxenxo to stay up to an appropriate time in the evening in Spain - went out for dinner at 11pm (had to go to an Italian restaurant so we could get something that was not fish or Jamon based).  Ordered our veggie pizza's (specifying no jamon with either)  and the waiter said 'aah yes - you must be a vegetable' - he was a really nice chap though - he wanted to practice his english, we wanted to practice our spanish - so everything took ages as he spoke in bad english and we spoke in far worse spanish. After food we went off to watch a live band that was playing on the outdoor stage just outside the harbour which  was pretty good - we congratulated ourselves on staying up beyond the time of Spanish children.
Here are some pictures of Cies. . . . .
We walked to the top of the hill on Cies
It looks nice and blue but is also still pretty cold - although lots of other people swimming so perhaps we are wimps