Canarian Haircut and Flag Making

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Wed 8 Dec 2010 20:08
We have now been away about 4 and a half months, and about 5 months since I had a haircut. . . .  it was getting pretty necessary as can be seen (despite the fact that I have maintained that it was a good look for a sailing person. . . . . .or a witch )
However - I am scared of all hairdressers - went into town to seek out a haircut and found a Chinese-canarian place.  Adam sloped off so wasn't around to witness the head massage, neck massage, shoulder pummeling, back slapping that followed - they must have thought I was too tense.  Came out with shorter hair than envisaged (as per usual) - I think that the guy doing the cutting decided the deadwood (or manky, split hair) had to go - and, to be fair - he was right - so, this is the new sleek and tidy look that I will try and maintain for a couple of days or so.  He did do a good job though I think?
The forecast today looks like it should be good with north winds to carry us down to the Verde islands direction on Sunday and into next week. . . so at the moment fingers crossed we leave on Saturday or Sunday.  This fact meant that we had to hurry up on our vast list of things we still haven't done despite having 2 weeks here in Las Palmas - last week we had the wild excitement of purchasing a sewing machine (wooooooo) and have spent the last few days trying to decipher the Spanish instructions - however, we have it sussed and flag making progressed in earnest today - as can be seen by the evidence - don't think we are doing too bad being sewing novices. ..  and by the time we're flying them 4 metres in the air no one will notice any little mistakes I am sure.
Apart from that we have been busy putting old sails back on the boat, getting fuelled up and more trips to the supermarket until all spaces on the boat are full of tins, jars and packets of things.   Adam has been busy repainting the peeling-bits of the engine and renewing hoses,  and we've also had a couple of get togethers with the other sailing folk here in the evenings, everyone brings some food and some drink - we started making spicy tomato empanadas but got bored of making them so went onto chocolate and banana - I quite liked the choc/banana experimental empanadas although they did have a tendancy to explode like little volcanoes in the oven so pity, we had to eat quite a few of the rejects.  Carrying said empanadas to the picnic I got mugged on the way by the multitude of boat kids so arrived with no food chocolate offerings left on the plates.
We did get some time the other day to try and further hone our body boarding skills and we are getting there - we purchased reasonable boards in Fuertaventura, it was a lovely day on Monday with little wind but some nice waves - of which we actually managed to catch a couple so we were proud, it was brilliant surfing in on them - we want to try and go out once more before we leave as the bay on the north of Las Palmas is great for surfing and body boarding - there were probably about 100 people in the water on Monday afternoon. . .  and for a change not all of them were better than us.  . hurry.