Petit Martinique

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Fri 16 Dec 2011 01:40
15:12.11, 12:32.00N 61:23.16W
We sailed from Chatham on Union up to Mayreau island (254 inhabitants, allegedly some shops but none of them open because the ferry hadn't arrived).
Mayreau is tiny and quite nice but it is on the cruise ship route and so everything there is geared around cruise ships and charter yachts. We anchored off the main beach for the night and walked from one end of the island to the other.  There is a little resort at one end of the island but not sure really what people do there other than sit on the beach and buy T-shirts.
The ferry with the bread etc did eventually arrive at about 11pm with floodlights out to try and spot anchored yachts and made the ferry look huge even though it wasn't.  We needed some supplies so after a walk around Mayreau and a night there we left early yesterday to head back to Petit Martinique which is the smallest of Grenada's islands so we could get some food and drink in, and also fill up with water, fuel etc on the jetty (apparently the cheapest around).
We are anchored by Petit St Vincent which is part of St Vincent, but you are allowed to go across in the tender to Petite Martinique which is about a quarter of a mile away without clearing into Grenada.  PM is a nice little island and only really visited by people on boats.  
PM and PSV are surrounded by a barrier reef which we tried diving on but the currents were too strong given that it is open to the atlantic.  Still, we have had a look around the island, replenished our supplies for our visit to Tobago Cays which is coming next and seen somewhere new.