Goodbye to Porto Santo

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Mon 11 Oct 2010 21:13
The wind has died down so we're hoping to go across to Madeira tomorrow - although we will be straight into a Marina there since storm Otto is currently growing around the Azores and so it may be getting windy again later in the week.  Still - we have kept ourselves busy with a long march up Pico Castelo yesterday which is one of the highest peaks in the middle of the island - worn out when we got back to the boat!  Unfortunately the visibility was not too good but still took a few shots across the island
and found out finally how to work the time delay on the camera so a rare shot of both of us making our way back down the road from the top of the hill
There are quite a lot of us in the Marina who have been waiting a couple of days to go - so lots of people to chat with, think it will be an exodus to Madeira in the next day.  We went out for a wild night in Porto Santo town on Saturday - the town is really, really quiet but we found a nice bar in the centre and made the mistake of having tequila's . . ..
mainly tidying up today as we're planning to head to Madeira itself finally tomorrow - although we are booked into a Marina as looks like there is some bad weather on the way, it will give us a chance to see the island though with the boat tied up in a Marina.  Adam took Jim for a dive off the beach today - Jim hasn't dived for a few years so it got him back in the water again and the weather was nice and warm - unfortunately they didn't see too many fish but the main reason was for him to get back in the water, we think he liked it.