Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Wed 4 Aug 2010 21:49
04:08.10,  43.32.38N 7:02.17W
We came here since it was closer than our original destination and we were getting tired! - Last night I was actually starting dreaming whilst trying to talk to Adam after being traumatised by fishing boats - I just kept on talking complete rubbish (I know that is usual for me but this was real rubbish - then I fell asleep and was sent to bed by Adam).  I think we were just really tired - we got complacent as we knew yesterday was the last sail so we didn't take turns to sleep in the day like we had done on the previous days - but by three in the morning we were just both worn out.  Good job that Stargazer knows how to sail herself really when she has to and just piled along to our destination with us being passengers
We had a good lie in this morning though! - before a wander into the town which is only just up the hill from the Marina.  It is a really nice place - and again we are here in some kind of festival - tonight there is a huge stage and live music on just on the quay.  The town is pretty - I have only been to spain once but it still struck me that in the evening you walk around the town and it is so lively with families eating outside the cafe's on the streets - it ain't like Bury anyway.  North Spain where we are is really green and mountainous.
Sadly my highlight has been going to the supermarket  (oh dear)- I just love finding all the interesting things you can't get at home - or actually - finding bargains,  I managed to stop Adam purchasing 1 ltr of wine for 80 euro's and went for the expensive 2008 Rioja at 2.50 Euro's since we are celebrating after all!
This is the town that is just across the water
And this is the view across the Marina  where we are staying and up the Ria
Some Buildings - I thought that they were pretty
And me in the high street looking like a tourist