Time for Coats...

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Thu 24 May 2012 03:18
2305:12, 27:54.03N 56:35.33W
Banana cake could have easily been a disaster – try pouring cake mix into a silicon loaf tin whilst bouncing around at an angle. . .. nearly lost the lot over the cooker but managed to wrestle it in and can report that Pilsbury banana loaf mix is actually OK.  Another batch of pasties made by Adam today to use up the remaining filling mix.
Apart from that – we have managed to keep sailing for the past day even though we are now down to 10knots of wind and hoping it at least stays through the night so we can avoid the engine going on as sleeping is far nicer when sailing. 
It is clear blue skies and still warm in the day (30 degrees), but the wind now has a chill to it and by 5pm it is time for jumpers and jackets – quite strange as we have gone in the past 2 nights from shorts and bare feet to jumpers, shoes and trousers.  It is a bit nicer having the boat a bit cooler though – makes it easier for cooking etc during the day and sleeping at night plus our carrots and potatoes have more chance of surviving another week.
No ships, yachts or anything seen for a couple of days – the only things we have seen are birds – there seem to be quite a few around here. .  and the odd flying fish but other than that just miles of sea and sky.
Filled our rubbish bag today – it only gets filled with tins/plastic etc which we wash out before they go in the bin. . .  anyway – where to store it? – we decided a good place would be out of the way in the anchor locker as we have enough junk in the boat.  Problem is that with all the waves over the bow, the front of the boat gets constantly splashed.  Adam voted that I should take the rubbish and put it in the anchor locker  – I didn’t want to get clothes covered in salt water as it is really hard to dry salty clothes on the boat – they just stay damp and attract moisture – so decided the best way was to venture to the bow without clothes but with Lifejacket/harness clipped onto the lifelines.  Glad there was no one around to witness that– it was a good idea in theory as I did indeed get soaked by a wave over the front and that was quite refreshing given the water temperature has dropped 7 degrees from a lovely warm 29 in the caribbean to 23 here.  All I can say is that next time we need a rubbish bag taking to the front – it will be Adam’s turn.