Grenadian Hash. . . . no, not that sort. .

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Sun 27 Nov 2011 18:17

Excellent day yesterday, in the afternoon we went out on a Hash.    Hashing is a worldwide thing that has been going for years and that we have managed to miss entirely.  It was started in the 1930's in Kuala Lumpur by British ex-pats who were getting too fat.  They decided they needed some exercise, but that it should not take them too far from their drinking routines. . . and they wanted a small amount of purpose to the exercise so made it a sort of hare/hounds tracking game.

A hash is basically a ramble (or run depending on how fit you are!), you follow a course pre-laid by the Hare - markers are little piles of shredded paper, of flour in some places.  There is the 'real' trail.  But the Hares can also lay false trails to take you off the wrong way or around in circles.   The course begins and ends at some drinking place and post -Hash beers is as much part as the 'main event' .  We did the walking trail - there was a runners trail too.  .. maybe next time. . . . .

The main pack sets off on the trail . . .  there are certain things you are supposed to shout when lost ( 'are you?' ) or when you are on the right track ( 'on on!'). . .  and if you got caught out and when down the wrong track and are coming back. . .  'on Back!!'.  Hashing has really taken off in Grenada with loads of jungle trails and beautiful places to scramble around and lots of people turn out to get muddy, get lost in the jungle and have a few drinks and some food afterwards

The hash yesterday cost us a whole 2 carib dollars each (50p) and £4 each return minibus there and back.  It was a great atmosphere - all sorts of people - Grenadians, cruisers, ex-pats and we were suitably tired afterwards (especially following a couple of rums).  The folk organising it must put in a lot of effort.

The Hash was in an old cocoa plantation and estate that they had got permission to use - lots of rivers, interesting old ruins, jungle and mud plus a part of the island we wouldn't have seen otherwise AND we got a certificate (we always like having a certificate) - which was awarded with a shower of beer. .  .our certificate reads;

"Certificate of Loss of Virginity

Be it known by all and sundry that as of today
Susie / Adam Potter

Having done it with all of us

At times rough, sometimes wet, Sometimes dry, sometimes hard, sometimes prone, sometimes supine, sometimes slow, Sometimes fast.  Bawling out a lot of unintelligible phrases like "Are You?", "ON ON!", "On Back" Grunting and Groaning and shouting Expletives in the mud and sand and rivers and streams, on hillsides and in the bushes and trails of the forest and having completed this hour long ordeal absolutely exhausted, sweaty and smelling like a Ram Goat, is HenceForth not to be considered a virgin by any member of the Grenada Hash House Harriers "

the same thing runs on other islands so we're tempted to find the local Hashers elsewhere, and even back in the UK.  .

Some Pics. .. 


Me preparing to Cross a river and not fall over!  And a regular Hasher receiving his 'hash name'  

Old Plantation house. . .  a tricky bit of climbing over trees. . . 

Hashers having a wash in the river at the end, and Adam having a couple of deserved beers

Old cocoa drying house that became the makeshift bar and food hall, and more river shots