Around Cape Finisterre

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Wed 11 Aug 2010 21:15
11:08.10,  42.47.07N 9:02.94W
Today started with a an overcast landscape and little wind. We had decided to push on past Cape finisterre - lured by the pilot book promising us warmer weather, and nicer Ria's, and headed toward Muros on the Spanish west coast. The day started well with two pods of dolphins keeping us company for a short time  - but with their departure came the arrival of FOG! not that unusual for an Adam and Susie sail (we often seem to end up in fog), so usual positions, Adam on deck keeping a careful eye out and Susie doing the technical tracking of vessels via radar.
The wind picked up in the afternoon and a gentle downwind sail through the fog the next few hours ended with better vis as we entered the Ria. surrounded by hills and greenery the anchorage is a welcome relief.  We never actually saw the dreaded Cape Finisterre  - all we saw was fog.  Shame as I did want a picture - however, happy to get round without being in a gale.
It took til we were within two miles of land to actually see the land - but we found out why as we got closer.  The shore is mountains and the clouds are really low - we had to look upwards for land as you could see the tops of the hills sticking up out of the clouds with everything below obscured.  It is really strange.  This Ria is really lovely - we're anchored in a bay surrounded by trees with a nice fishing town a 5 minute dingy ride away (although soggy dingy ride this evening).    The town is old with small narrow, winding streets - we'll do some more exploring tomorrow.  The highlight of tonight though is more dolphins - we've been sat on the back of the boat in the early evening watching a pod of bottlenose dolphins playing. These are bigger dolphins than the common ones we've seen so far - they have been jumping out of the water 50 yards from the boat - we think they probably live in this bay since they have been around for a few hours.   Hoping to go diving just around the boat tomorrow as the water is very clear (although pretty cold!)
On the less fun point - had to fumigate the boat with fly spray tonight due to mossies taking up residence with us and furnishing us with lots of lovely bites whist we slept, we may be vegetarians but there are limits (we didn't eat the mossies - just had to get rid of them).  Fingers crossed they have been eradicated as we both have some pretty grim looking bites.
Here is a rather close up of a common dolphin that Adam took this morning as they raced around the front of the boat.  Looking forward to a day off tomorrow to explore the area and the town.