journey to Spain - Day 2

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Mon 2 Aug 2010 06:59
02:08.10,  45.00.87N  7.07.16W
We have seen lots and lots of sea, last night was the darkest night I have ever seen - no moon, no clouds - you couldn't tell where the horizon was.  However, we did get to see lots of phosphorescence in the water - there was a great sparkling wave out of the back of the boat from the rudder - that was quite strange.    We saw no other boats at all yesterday - that was of course until it got dark when a fleet of trawlers appeared from no where over the horizon.  It has been getting warmer as we have headed south - this morning I have woken up to a bright blue sky (although unfortunately no wind) - Adam has now gone to bed for a few hours.  No more whales unfortunately - but more Dolphins yesterday,
We hope to have reached our destination by midday tomorrow - just trying to decide whether to go to LaCoruna or Ribedea depending on how strong the winds look like around the corner of spain.
We had both our electric generator (duo gen) and our water maker on yesterday - so we were making power from the motion through the water and fresh water from the sea water - I think that is quite good.