Voyage to Verde Islands - Day1

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Sun 12 Dec 2010 09:56
13:12.10, 26:32.70N 16:08.15W
Set off Yesterday at noon, weather is OK but there was lots of lightening in the afternoon and evening - luckily quite a few miles from us but ligthing up the sky all around overnight.  Lots of boats off in the same direction so as night has fallen we can see a number of yachts around us on the horizon, imagine we will all disperse a bit tomorrow, although right now we can still see two of the other yachts, likely we are all going to the same place in the Verde islands. 
All going well but AIS (thing that gives info on ships) is not behaving itself - it has worked fine in the Marina for 2 weeks and has stopped working about  8 hours into it's first trip - hmmmm, we may leave that one til we get there rather than Adam having to dig through the wiring to find out why it has stopped sending info, however - we got this far without it so it isn't the end of the world. 
Today sunny so far and no thunder, we're approx 70 miles off the coast of the Western Sahara right now.  Just had croissants for breakfast.  lots of shooting stars too last night and a beautiful starry sky.