Jost Van Dyke

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Fri 27 Apr 2012 13:16
26:04:12, 18:26.40N 64:45.02W
We’ve come to Jost Van Dyke which is the smallest BVI with a ‘town’ – the town consists of a few houses, school, couple of shops (bakery which sells bread like bricks – it is very ‘home made’), a sand road along the back of the beach and a few bars.  It is very quaint and very quiet, Adam likes it but it was really hot yesterday – too hot to walk around and we’re in ‘Great Harbour’ which is just a big bay but surrounded by 300m hills so the wind didn’t get in.  Glad that the wind changed today and we have some breeze as last night was far too hot.   Before coming here we spent a couple of days at the East end of the island where there are some little deserted islands – smallest of which is Sandy Cay, a perfect desert island with a few trees in the middle and some sand.   We stayed 2 nights as it was so nice there, even though there were charter boats there in the day they all went off to ‘somewhere with a bar’ for the evening leaving us and one or two other boats.
Did a couple of dives on the north of the little islands, water very murky as I think it is plankton bloom and spawning season, it looks like Cornwall does in June – even so we saw some great stuff, several sharks no pictures as my only photo’s of them are like big-foot pictures, blurred and too indistinct! – the sharks are quite wary and don’t come close enough for portraits.  Also saw turtles and we were followed about for 5 mins or so by an Eagle Ray which is amazing, they are usually very wary, this one had a couple of remora fish attached to it and circled us.  I took lots of pics – because of the murk they are working better in black and white though. 

Adam facing off a big school of young Barracuda. . . . lots of eyes looking at the strange beast which is Adam


Sandy Cay


Jost Van Dyke at Sunset taken from Tortola