The Princess Comes Home!

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Thu 22 Apr 2010 02:01
Position:  33:47S 151:49E            About 26 nm from Sydney Heads.
We had some good wind last night and a positive current under the keel which gave us SOG of 9+ knots and we are barrelling along today.
I can't speak for the others but I am sure I have put on weight this trip. The food has been fantastic. Thanks a million to Gabby & Avelyn.
Thanks also to Ian, who solved our electrical problem which would have stumped me on my own. Thanks to Ryan for suffering through his first ocean voyage. His remark that the "The Tasman is a day sail" will live on. "One days sailing and seven days motoring."
Fuel at the end was sufficient and we managed to get the revs up to 2000 for the final leg.
Russell Radio; thanks for looking after us all the way. If we are still at sea (unlikely) at 18:00 your time I will check in with you, however please take this as our last position for this trip.
The crew are going to email me copies of their photos and next week sometime I will post a pictorial record of this last weeks sailing (nah!) motoring. Mostly sunsets I think.
Bruce Buckley our weather man says he will be sailing on Sydney Harbour this afternoon so we are going to look out for him. Maybe a beer tonight if we can hook up?
Thanks for staying with us across the Tasman.
John & Ian & Ryan
Southern Princess _/)