Bali Hai

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Sat 12 Apr 2008 21:59
12:00 Saturday April 12th 2008                            17:23S 149:32W
Abeam Tahiti enroute for Bay Cook on Moorea and an anchorage off the Club Bali Hai for a few days. Tonight we dine ashore and are really looking forward to some swivel hipped dancing, well I am anyway!
Been motoring since we departed Fakavava and I still haven't caught a fish.
For my 60th birthday Janet & John Kirkwood gave me a first edition copy of James Michener's 'Tales of the South Pacific' which I have been saving until now to read again. I know it was set mostly in The New Hebrides (Vanuatu today) but heck to my mind the South Pacific starts here!
Been reading some great books lately but particularly 'Nemesis' by Peter Evans who tells the story of Aristotle Onassis, Jackie O and JFK & RFK and all the others in the soap opera of the 60's, 70's, 80's etc. What an immoral bunch that lot were, all of them including the lovely Jackie who it seems would screw anyone for a fist full of diamonds! And the Kennedy brothers were both into Marilyn Munro. She threatens to blow the whistle, RFK as Attorney General of the USA pays her a visit and a few hours later she was dead from an overdose. Scary stuff! Onassis was the one who financed Robert Kennedy's assassination! Whew!
And 'A Very Rude Awakening' by Peter Grose which tells the story of Sydney Harbour at war and the midget submarine attack and what a complete balls up the defence mechanisms were. They got the two subs pretty much by accident really. Both books a great read.
And a quote from our mate Brian Molloy in London;  'The sea complains upon a thousand shores'.
Brian what about we change it too "The sea rejoices upon a thousand shores"?
Maybe some more tomorrow.