Rub a Dub Dub

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Fri 17 Oct 2008 01:14
Enroute Noumea New Caledonia to Opua, NZ via Norfolk Island             24:52S 167:30E
Departed Noumea Wednesday 15th October and headed to Amedee Light just inside the fringing lagoon around New Caledonia. Dropped anchor and had a great lunch of fresh prawns while waiting for Storyteller who had a few last minute items to complete. Finally departed Amedee Passage at 15:30 hours and head for Cascade Bay on Norfolk Island. On board we have Bob Culbert, an old mate from Picton, NZ and Geoff Buick a new mate from Blenheim, NZ. Both from Marlborough wine country and Geoff has about 70 acres under sauvignon blanc and pinot. He and wife Mary arrived on board with a couple of samples. Well done!
Irene & Mary flew back to NZ, a couple of days apart and Irene & I hope to see Mary & Geoff again in January next year at Blenheim.
So far we have had a great trip with good winds in the right direction although we expect a southerly change later today. This will be with us, bashing into it until Cascade Bay, however once the high pushes in behind it we should have a great trip to NZ. Will arrive Norfolk Friday night, will spend Saturday and Saturday night in Norfolk and weather permitting, depart for Opua Sunday.
As usual Irene did a great job of pre-cooking all the meals and all we have really had to do it boil some vegies and heat up the meat.  This morning I served muffins with morning tea, straight out of the freezer, heated them on the stove and hey presto a tea party!
Thanks darling it has made it a lot easier.
Cheers JH _/)