A Two Dog Night

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Sun 19 Oct 2008 22:15
At 11:00 on Monday 20th October we are at 31:05S 168:56E with 364nm to go to Opua.
Boy it's getting cold! Been nearly 5 years since I saw a winter and as we sail south the blankets are coming out and deck watch at night requires a vest and a fluffy. First it was an aircell blanket and then it was doubled over and last night the crew were calling for more blankets.
Yesterday we sailed into a stiff SE wind with us on a southerly course for about 70nm and then as forecast the wind died away and since 23:00 last night we have been motoring straight down the rumb line for North Cape.
Don't know why I did it, but I showed Bob how to plug his Ipod into the ship's sound system and since then the boat has been rocking or more correctly 'Buffeting' (Jimmy that is) reportedly the most prolific CD maker in history! Ship is jumping and my head is pounding!
As you know we departed Norfolk in company with Lady Kay, Storyteller & Harmonie with all of us heading for Opua. At this mornings radio sched they were in a tight group about 50nm behind us with all of us heading down the rumb line.
Talk to you tomorrow if anything interesting is happening.
JH _/)