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Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Tue 20 Apr 2010 00:39
Monday 19th April 2010 Position: 33:37S 161:06E (at 11:00 Australian Eastern time)
490 nm to go.
We have put of clocks back to Sydney time, so noon today is two hours late so I guess for accuracy I'll plot the (noon)  position at 11:00 today and 12:00 tomorrow.

If you want to have a look at the chart to see where the position is at sea, click on this link which will take you to the blog page.
Interesting times. Finally have the electricals sorted out. When in St Lucia, West Indies we upgraded our 12v system for more capacity, which required an upgrade of charger to handle it. We replaced the 12volt 40amp charger with a 12v 60amp charger. Having been bought up on a farm, where you throw nothing away, the old charger was secreted around the yacht somewhere. Last night while trying to sleep, it's existence popped into my head. On mentioning this to Ian, the electrical technocrat went to work with bits of extra wire, a modified extension cord and in a short time later we have it plugged into the 24v inverter and then we had it charging the 12v starter motor battery. We can now be sure that we can get either the main motor or the genset started when required. The 12v alternator is still not working.
Weather is as predicted. Currently we are motoring, not enough wind to even have a genoa poled out. We have transferred all the fuel from the bladder to the tanks and we believe that we have more than enough to make it to Sydney so at the moment we have 2000rpm on the clock for an extra half knot. Fingers crossed.
It has also had the result of putting our arrival well back. Maybe late Thursday is looking more like it.
John Hunt
Southern Princess _/)
Trans Tasman
Departed NZ 15/4/10 and
expect to be in Sydney 22/4/10