Southern Princess Day 10 12z 18:06N 46:06W

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Thu 6 Dec 2007 12:03
Last 24 hours have been frustrating. Not quite enough wind to provide a
stable boat. Interesting if we have 12 knots of true wind we can do around 5
boat speed but because of the confused seas the boat rocks and rolls and the
sails slat. When the wind increases to 15 true then things are a bit better
but at 20 knots, the old girl gets a wriggle on, carves her own track and is
less sensitive to the wave motion and we can pick the speed up to around 8
knots and with wave and swell assistance up to 10-11 knots.

Yesterday around noon we crossed paths with a 60' cat 'Caribbean Soul' who
reached across our bow and headed in a northerly direction with a spinnaker
flying. A 60' cat should be a lot faster than us! However just on 24 hours
later we crossed tacks again. Southern Princess had gone right down the rumb
line while the Cat had reached off and back at faster speed but covered a
lot of extra ground.

The Mahi Mahi was beautiful eating with sauté potatoes, el dente beans and a
green salad. No wine as we have been limiting our selves to two drinks a
day. A couple of JD's for Irene and a two cans each for Justin & me.