Starlight makes it all worth while

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Fri 11 Apr 2008 22:22
190nm to Moorea at 16:25S 146:41W

01:45 Friday 11th April and Rainy (the future Mrs Smith) wakes us with a
cuppa prior to departing for Moorea. Irene already has the ship ready for
sea. Bob Culbert in Turkey a couple of years ago lectured Irene how when
ever a ship goes to sea, "It must be rigged for 40 knots" and with this
ringing in her ears so the boat all set to go.

02:00 we pulled the anchor up, the waxing gibbous moon had already set and
so we were dependent on star shine and the red and green markers to make it
out of the lagoon. The stars are very bright and absolutely beautiful in an
inky sky. Very carefully at around 4 knots we negotiated the channel and at
03:30 we made our way out of Passe Garuae and into the open Pacific. The
only land enroute to Moorea is TUPANA Island and we had set a course to give
it 5nm leeway. We weren't due there until after dawn so we had a good view
as we passed by.

Caught and released the biggest Mahi Mahi I have ever seen. It was just too
much food for the ice box and we cut the hook to let it go. Irene said
something like "oh John just look at the big eye staring at us saying please
can I just be let go" so we did. Guessing it would have been 6 - 8 feet
long. Managed to save the lure, so I re-rigged it and hope for a smaller
tuna or something. But at the time of writing nothing yet!

No wind from a proper direction since we departed. Have about 6 knots
apparent right over the stern which is not sufficient to keep the genoa set
so here we are motoring again. At least the water tank is full and the
batteries fully charged and we have plenty fuel to get to Moorea or Tahiti.

12:15 the wind has veered slightly and we have set a genoa and are motor
sailing so with a bit of luck it will fill in from the ESE and we can get a
good sail into Moorea.

We are due in Moorea tomorrow afternoon so will probably report again prior
to arrival.