And what do we do all day?

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Sat 15 Mar 2008 22:20
Saturday 15th March                07:07S 106:08W
Managing to keep the days full:
I do breakfast and Irene and Lorraine rotate
lunch and dinner and no one is allowed to interfere or make suggestions
about what the others should cook. Someone has a bit of trouble at this!
I have taken to reading the odd cooking book so that I can surprise them with something.
I tried Irish Soda bread the other day and performed some king of magic trick. I took a pound of flour and 400 mils of milk and a few other bits & pieces which weighed nothing and turned them into a 5lb loaf of bread. Heavy as lead it was!

Maybe tonight I can get the Pisco Sours going!
During the day we have informal watches and at night we start 2 on and 4 off at 8:00pm rotating
then each night. Tonight will be good as we have a half  moon which will
last 2/3rds of the night. The best watch is the 3rd watch midnight to
2:00am. Have dinner, bed at 8:00pm 4 hours sleep then a 2 hour watch and
then 4 hours sleep and up at 6:00am to watch the sun rise.

The south east trades are now well established and we are averaging better
than 8.5 knots with the wind over the port beam and full main and genoa.
Champagne sailing and at these speeds should only be another 10 days.
The last 24 hours noon to noon we completed 205nm.