Radio Reception & St Pat & Elaine

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Mon 17 Mar 2008 18:34
Monday 17th, St Patrick's Day and Elaine Gallagher's birthday. Happy Birthday Elaine. 07:31S 112:03W
Question: What was St Patrick's chosen profession? Answer: Engineer.
They have been having an Irish question marathon on some of the yachts and I have been cheating by sending them to Helen Campbell and the lovely girl has been Googling the answers for me!
Since we broke the boom vang we have had a little trouble keeping the main sail flat, however yesterday I jury rigged a Heath Robinson affair which seems to work OK. Last night we managed to keep a steady pressure of the main sail and managed to get some distance under the yacht in the right direction. During the last 24 hours the winds have moderated a little and we have only managed 169nm.
The radio reception is not great now that the yachts are spread out over 1000 miles. Some days I can only hear about 1/3rd of the fleet. Thank goodness for 'Harmonie' a yacht from New York about mid-way through the fleet, with a good radio; and Anne with her clear diction makes for a great relay vessel.
The jury rigged boom vang.
That's all for today
PS Lorraine is baking muffins as I write!