Thank goodness we bought a motor sailer!

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Sat 24 May 2008 22:28
15:08S 154:38W
Departed Bora Bora 11:00 on Friday 23rd under motor. Managed to get the sails up for about an hour and then is has been motoring since.
Not much to do as we have 4 persons on board and with the night time hours of 2 hours on and 6 off it really is a doddle. I am making breakfast each day and the others are rostered on for the other two meals so they only have light duties as well.
Nearly caught something yesterday, the trawling line went off with a bang but nothing on the hook by the time we reeled it in.
We are in company with Storyteller and Mahmalni is about 40nm behind us. The rest of the fleet is approaching Suwarrow (Suvorov) while we won't be there until Tuesday morning.
The genoa furler is going well and it appears we have repaired matters OK. Boy talk about expensive. We thought we were ordering a replacement belt (common old timing belt on a motor car) and a gasket plus a spare each. They sent us complete long kits which including two drive pulleys, a tensioner pulley, a drive belt, lots of allen keys, replacement screws, bolts and washers, a set of instructions, some gasket sealant and they included four full sets at NZ$495 each set and NZ$380 in freight!
I know a yacht is a hole in the water into which you pour money BUT!
No pictures in the past 24 hours so you will have to settle for words.
Talk to you tomorrow.