And a finger to you too!

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Tue 8 Jul 2008 00:33
18:15S 170:31E.
This position is for 8/7/08. I was too drugged up to report yesterday.
Just before the start in Musket Cove to Port Resolution, Tanna the genoa furler required repairs. In the process I released the halyard and failed to secure it again prior to taking off the last cheek plate!  Knocked the cheek plate off and the whole bloody lot came down like a guillotine. I think if that it had caught my fingers in the cross direction I wouldn't have two of them. As it was it came down length ways on my ring finger, left hand and cut into the bone both sides. The tendon very evident in the bottom of the hole. The little finger not quite so bad. Irene was below in the galley with the fan running and my bellowing 'help' finally got through but I was so loud it had the advantage of alerting half the moored fleet and rescue dinghies came from every direction which was just as well as Irene & I weren't strong enough to lift the furling gear.
Williwaw II one of the yachts in WARC is crewed by 2 doctors who swung into action and an hour alter I was all stitched up, strapped up and in reasonable shape (or so I thought). Thank you to Eric & Grazyna for your help.
Departed for Tanna an hour later full of bravado. Tony Black crewing on Storyteller offered to jump ship and help and thank goodness he did as I was a basket case for 24 hours. Started on the pain killers which promptly bough on sea sickness so I just curled up in the cockpit and left Irene and Tony to it and said I was available for emergency advice. These two stalwarts kept the yacht going 2 on & 2 off for all the first night while endeavoured to sleep.
Anyway, under Dr Mum I am getting better, panadol is masking the finger pain, the sea sickness has gone and we are heading straight to Port Villa instead of Tanna where we can visit later in August. At today's position sched we have discovered that Williwaw is coming straight to Port Vila so I can thank both of them properly.
We should be in Port Vila by dawn tomorrow and maybe I can find a wifi and post some pictures.
Love to All