Niue in sight

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Tue 3 Jun 2008 22:29
18:32S 169:22W
Well nearly anyway. We were planning on being in by this time, however last night at 02:00 the wind backed from 090M to 354M and dropped out to 6 knots. Consequently we have been motoring since then.
In the backing and pulling of sails, the Facnor furler broke again. (you will remember the parts we were waiting for in Bora Bora, thank goodness we got an extra belt. I have put my mate Brian Molloy in the UK to see if he can track down some extra belts as I notice they were made in the UK. Fingers crossed.
Should arrive Niue at 18:00 hours tonight and looking forward to it if the anchorage is not too rolly. There is a considerable swell from the south!
It's Irene's birthday today and Chip is cooking dinner when we arrive.