Champagne Sailing then the fizz went!

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Sun 6 Apr 2008 02:37
14:18S 143:57W
The trade winds are from the east and very steady and our course is SSW so we are easing along on a broad reach. The wave action is moderate and the boat easy to live on. But then this morning the winds died a little, backed to the north east and we are now just moving through the water at around 5 knots. Maybe I'll catch a fish!
Last two days have not been good fish wise. Day 1 saw us lose a lure with a big bang, and then another big hit and whatever it was straightened out a fairly substantial hook. Since then I have dragged a variety of lures to no avail, while Tony off Storyteller has scored 4 tuna in the last two days. I would dearly love some sashimi!
Winds died right away now and we are motoring along with just a little wind in the sails. We are closing on the Tuamotus and will have to vary our speed tonight to ensure we arrive during daylight hours as these atolls have seen a multitude of shipwrecks over the years!