Can't even think of a catchy title for today

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Wed 19 Mar 2008 18:27
Wednesday 19th                  08:43S 118:36W
Boy this long distance sailing is boring! I will be pleased when this leg is part of the past. The only point of interest this last 24 hours is that I had to end to end the main sail outhaul as it had chafed nearly through. One of things I have to do daily is check for chafe points and anything that is loose. Oh and we managed 207nm for the 24 hours.
The other daily chore, first thing, before they adhere to the deck, is the 'butcher patrol' when all the flying fish and squid are returned to the water. Our topsides are 4' high so don't know how the squid make it that high?
In Galapagos we bought a huge stem of bananas which unfortunately was consigned to the deep today as they had` all ripened together.
We are currently running under twin headsails and praying for more wind so we can steady up a bit.