Wednesday 13th enroute Las Perlas to La Libertas 04:32N 79:38W

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Wed 13 Feb 2008 18:01
After a couple of days in the Las Perlas, we are now heading for La Libertas in Ecuador. Not much to report from yesterday except for a very worrying night for your truly. When we started the motor yesterday the exhaust was puffing white smoke (Tony off Storyteller suggested that a new pope might have been elected!) and as a result we consulted all the diesel books we had on board which made dire predictions as to what the problem might be. But the smoke had the consistency of steam and all the instruments, oil pressure, engine temperature etc were all within normal limits so we kept going.
Now the only thing which was different was that I had cleaned out the raw water filter while in Isla San Jose and both John Gilder (Storyteller) and I worried about what might of caused the problem. Beaut thing about having identical boats is that we can compare.
I thought air might be getting into the system around the raw water filter seal and pulled it apart again and sealed it with Vaseline. Seemed to work for a while and then the smoke was back again. Off engine once more and pulled the filter apart again to find that the seal was floating in the filter bowl. Discussed this with JG over the VHF and he highlighted that the seal on Storyteller was part of the filter bowl and not a separate item. And there in lay the problem. Once I had married the seal to the filter bowl properly, re-installed it the white smoke disappeared.
11:00 Storyteller has just hauled in the biggest mahi mahi I have seen for a while! Our fishing line went straight over the stern but no luck yet.
We have no wind and our weather forecaster says we are motoring into a long line of thunderstorms. We saw lots of distant lightning last night so something is happening out there.
And at 12:30 here is our Mahi Mahi
He is 1450mm long (4' 6") for the non metric
Been so busy I missed the sched so will have to catch up. Talk to you soon.